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“The Singing Tree is perfectly geared towards capturing the spirit of singing and dance for little ones. I have tried a number of other singing groups none of which were a touch on your approach and enthusiasm.”Charlotte Watkins, mother-of-one, Corsham
“This is definitely the best children's music class I've ever been to.”Tamsin Oliver, childminder and mother-of-two, Bristol
“We all look forward to The Singing Tree sessions on Monday mornings - they're a great way to start the week. We hear the children singing bits of the beautiful, simple songs throughout the week and they enjoy performing them in front of their families at home. Tara holds the children's attention with her gentle and engaging teaching style. She has guided the children progressively through to a deeper level of learning and internalising the concepts of pulse, rhythm, pitch and speed in the most fun and playful way. I wholeheartedly recommend The Singing Tree.”Noeline Beesley, Hollyhocks Kindergarten leader
“The children absolutely love The Singing Tree sessions. We all walk around humming your tunes. You also gave me one of my favourite memories for the entire academic year-our children creeping around like little mice and then exploding with joy to some of the music you played. If I had not known for a fact that it was the first time you had played that song for them, I would have thought that they had been rehearsing for weeks-just loved it!! Thank you so much for making music and movement so accessible to our children.”Tina Honywill, Supervisor, North Wraxall Pre-School Playgroup.
“It is very rare that I am rendered completely speechless! Three girls from the KS2 Singing Tree class came into my office today and asked if they could sing me a song. I told them to go ahead and didn't really know what to expect - they were absolutely astounding!”Tim Browse, Headteacher at Hillcrest School, Bristol
“I listened to two Year 5 and Year 6 Singing Tree girls singing together in harmony today. I have never, in all my years teaching, ever heard primary school children sing like that. It is really difficult to sing well in harmony, but they were mind-blowing!”Andy Bowman, Deputy Head, Hillcrest Primary School
“There are many fab things about The Singing Tree, one particularly valuable one is that I come away having had a lovely time, a good old sing and feeling like I have learnt something as well as my toddler, which is not the case for many similar classes!”Refkah A'Court-Mond
“My 10 month old daughter adores The Singing Tree. It is not only the highlight of her week but her face lights up everytime we sing The Singing Tree songs and she is already acknowledging the rhythm patterns & sounds. Amazing!”Lucy Darke & Josephine, 10 months, East Sheen
“My daughter Frankie looks forward to these classes every week and loves singing Fi's songs. She is just mastering the actions too. I love the calm and genuine musicality of the classes.”Kate Meikle and Frankie 2yrs, East Sheen.
“My toddler and I love our weekly Singing Tree class; it’s so different from the myriad of music classes I have attended with the children in the past. I really feel that we are taking the first steps towards reading music and playing an instrument - I'm learning as much as my son. We love the songs & teaching style - highly, highly recommend!”Hannah Porter, East Sheen
“Kaia sang in front of all her teachers and the children at nursery yesterday... She would never have had the confidence to do that before coming to the singing tree!”Denise Parker, breastfeeding peer supporter and mother of two
“Mollie, Alice has absolutely loved singing tree. She couldn't wait to come each week and certainly doesn't stop singing at home! Thank you for inspiring her!”Sarah Shaw, mother and early years teacher
“Ben has got so much out of the Singing Tree and I now recognise the snippets he sings at home & some of the movements too! It's also done his self confidence so much good too. So thank you Mollie! To see him front row of the assembly today, engaged & grinning was very special. I was blown away by the variety of music, the harmonies & sheer verve of the performance!”Robin Toyne, film maker and father
“We love the Singing Tree classes which are so different to other music classes we have tried over the last couple of years. For the first time Isabel is actually actively participating and really enjoying herself. Kate's calm demeanour makes the classes a relaxing experience. It is a highlight of our week! :-)”Mum to Isabel, 3yrs
“I highly recommend The Singing Tree, Bishopston for any toddler who enjoys singing, dancing, clapping, stomping, jumping and messing about with instruments. Kate has a very patient and gentle approach, and she provides just the right balance between bouncy, energetic fun and gentle relaxation.”Mum to Ellie 3yrs
“Singing tree music classes are a refreshing, relaxed and yet exciting way to teach children the basics of music. Classes are not just based around theory but help the children to understand how music can affect feelings, resemble certain characters/animals etc and how fun music is! Kate has managed to teach children about pitch, dynamics, tempo (and more) using birds, bears, ribbons and scarves! The kids often come away singing the tunes and will refer back to the lesson throughout the week. Kate is able to manage the children whilst forming great relationships with them. The kids speak very highly of her! They always thoroughly enjoy the lesson and always look forward to it. I recommend these classes to anyone who wants to gently introduce music and musical theory into their children’s lives and I believe that they will help a great deal in the children’s musical and educational future.”Nanny to Hamish 3yrs and Aine 18mths
“A great introduction for little ones (and non-musical parents) to the basic elements of music. The children are engaged through the use of instruments, puppets, scarves and dancing... We find ourselves revisiting the Singing Tree songs in the car, the buggy, the bath and at bedtime!”Sarah, mother of Caitlin aged 2 1/2, Bristol (Bishopston)
“Kate's music classes have been truly amazing and so inspirational for my 3 year old daughter! She keeps singing and repeating the tunes at home for the rest of the week. I can call Kate's classes 'music classes' in the real sense of the word as she introduces children not only to popular nursery rhymes but also to what is rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch, etc. through famous classical or modern pieces of music. As a mother I feel uplifted myself at the end of the class too! Highly recommended!” Mother of Yana (3 yrs old)
“I would like to recommend Noeline and her lovely singing tree classes. As a Pre–school practitioner I have joined in with the classes and can see they are a wonderful way to introduce music into a child’s life.

Noeline leads the children in a fun dynamic way, introducing the children to different rhythms, pitch, speed and patterns, using simple-to-learn songs and a wonderful range of music, both classical and modern.

The children don’t just sit and sing, but use their whole bodies to move as animals or robots and benefit from a balance of being noisy and energetic or gentle and relaxed.

The children gain great confidence through the singing tree sessions, it is lovely to hear a quiet child singing a solo in perfect pitch, time and rhythm.” Fiona Jewell, February 2015
“We used to go to a singing tree class and were so pleased to hear that Jasper had the opportunity to do it again with Noeline at his kindergarten. He regularly comes home with a new rhythm, rhyme or song - some of them really quite complex or long - and I am amazed at how much gets remembered. It is pretty much the only thing I get any feedback from in his days at kindergarten, and when I have attended a session I can see why.

Noeline's sessions are engaging, stimulating and fun, she has a unique way of working with the children and each week they grow and grow in confidence as they tap out rhythms, repeat rhymes and even sing on their own. It is such a valuable skill for them and we are very lucky to have it, and Noeline at hollyhocks!”Harriet, February 2015
“As a professional pianist and teacher, I love this approach and that's why I chose Mollie’s classes for my daughter!‬” Helen Reid
“Esta started Singing Tree classes when she was 18 months, and is still attending at 4.

I was looking for a class that had more than nursery rhymes and sing-a.-longs. Mollie’s class is just that, she teaches proper musical fundamentals including terminology, rhythm and notes.

Many people have been surprised at my 4 year old’s quite grown up ability to hold a rhythm and a pulse, she sings to tune and is interested in learning an instrument.

An excellent class, great investment in your child’s musical development, and i would thoroughly recommend it.” Emma Blake

‪‬My eldest son has being doing singing tree classes for 5 years now and his brother since he was in my tummy! Never mind the amazing music education they get, which is a great start if they decide to carry on with an instrument when they are older, the most important part is how much fun these classes are (for parents as well as kids!). We are so lucky to have a class near us- thank you Mollie.
” Helen Massey
“My 3 year old daughter and I have been going to singing tree classes for the past 18 months and have both loved every second of it. Not only is it fun, relaxing and invigorating, Mollie has also taught Nell everything from the names of notes to specific musical terminology. Her understanding of a composition I believe now to be more secure than mine at secondary school! A fantastic opportunity to introduce music, dance and rhythm to all ages. Bring on next Monday mornings!” Jen Chequer
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